The Waste Land of an Abandoned Blerg

Oops. This is hard: being consistent, sharing when things aren't going well, when the things I have to say aren't necessarily cheerful or uplifting, letting myself be vulnerable when I'd rather just drink with a blanket over my head while watching back seasons of Top Chef. 


I'm sad. I'm sad about my body's betrayal. I'm sad about May. I'm sad about kindergarten. I'm sad about Ferguson. I'm sad about Sam's getting old. I'm sad about how quickly time seems to be passing and I have this sinking feeling that I'm somehow missing the best parts. 

But I'm hopeful too. I'm hopeful about new beginnings, the holidays, and so much pie. I'm hopeful about new artistic adventures and friends having babies and watching my girls turn into these full-fledged people I barely recognize.  I'm hopeful that I'll be more consistent about the blog, because this has been a space that has helped me to grow. 

If you are reading this, thanks for being a part of that.