Our New Veeventure

O: I know! We'll put on our puddle splashing boots and go on a veeventure!

There are a handful of markers that help you track the passing of time when your kids are little: how quickly they grow out of their shoes, where their head falls when they lean against you (O, hip bone and P, crotch), and those magical mispronunciations.  O has been losing about a special word a day. As her diction becomes clearer and her vocabulary expands, I have embarked on a mission to halt the passing of time.  We have embraced some of her early pronunciations into our framily lexicon. A living creature is an aminal.  The stuff you put on your lips to make them shiny is glip glops.  You go to the dentist when you have a gabitiy.  On really special days, read everyday, we go on veeventures.  


This blog is really just that, an attempt to slow down the passing of time by documenting it and a fresh new veeventure.  To that end, I got a shiny new toy.  You can't defeat the passage of time with poor image quality after all.  If anybody out there in the ether can show me how to work it, I'd be forever in your debt.  

Oooh! Shiny...

Oooh! Shiny...