They are monsters. They broke my keyboard. In the morning, while I hide in the bedroom with the world's best baby (this is not an exaggeration), while Jim does breakfast and insulin and all of the morning craziness, the girls like to sit at my computer and "ride the rollercoaster." It's an effect on the photo booth feature of the Mac.  It felt like a good deal. They were supervised. They could do it together without fighting. Jim could get a moment of peace while he counted carbs, cooked eggs, made lunches, and drank coffee.

The roller coaster and our kitchen. 

The roller coaster and our kitchen. 

Until, they broke my keyboard, the s key specifically. Monsters, (a word I couldn't type until today). I'm not even sure how they did it, how they managed to break only one key, but they did it. 

There is no more rollercoaster riding for them. A week and a half and a hundred bucks later, we are back online. SSSssSSSSssssssSSssSSSSSSSS. Gosh, that feels good. 

More to follow. Still not sure how today ends.